Commercial Grade Solid State Drive

MagicRAM Lite series Commercial Grade SSDs are high value, high performance to price ratio solid state drive products that are suitable for personal computing and consumer electronic devices. The Lite series is geared towards applications that require low power consumption, long battery life, robustness against shock/ vibration/ drops, long life-time, data protection and security, noiseless operation, low heat generation, and improved system performance as well as being light, slim, and instant on.

From standard SSDs to customized design and production, using MagicRAM solid state hard drive reduces maintenance costs, which is essential in harsh environments to lower the total cost of ownership (TOC).

Control of every aspect of each drive is assured by a configurable part number and a locked down Bill of Materials, minimizing unscheduled field inspections and product replacement.

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  • Built with MLC NAND Flash
  • MTBF of 2,000,000 hours
  • Fast & Secure Erase (Selected models)
  • Power down protection
  • Support SMART (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology Feature)
  • Support Windows 7 TRIM command (background garbage collector)
  • Utilize BCH ECC algorithm which offers one of the most powerful ECC algorithm in the industry
  • Advanced wear leveling algorithm
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Extremely rugged metal casing to endure harsh environments
  • Available in standard (0°C - 70°C) and Extended Temperature (-40°C - +85°C)
  • Locked Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Optional conformal Coating

Features & Benefits

Wear Leveling Technology

NAND Type flash have individually erasable blocks, each of which can be put through a finite number of erase cycles before becoming unreliable. It means after certain cycles for any given block, errors can be occurred in a much higher rate compared with typical situation.

Unfortunately, in the most of cases, the flash media will not been used evenly. For certain area, like file system, the data gets updated much frequently than other area. Flash media will rapidly wear out in place without any rotation.

Wear leveling attempts to work around these limitations by arranging data so that erasures and re-writes are distributed evenly across the full medium. In this way, no single sector prematurely fails due to a high concentration of program/erase cycles.

MagicRAM provides advanced wear leveling algorithm, which can efficiently spread out the flash usage through the whole flash media area. By implement both dynamic and static wear leveling algorithms, the life expectancy of the flash media can be improved significantly.

Bad Block Management

Bad blocks are blocks that contain one or more invalid bits of which the reliability is not guaranteed. Bad blocks may be representing when flash is shipped and may developed during life time of the device. MagicRAM implement a efficient bad block management algorithm to detect the factory produced bad blocks and manages any bad blocks that may develop over the life time of the device. This process is completely transparent to the user, user will not aware of the existence of the bad blocks during operation.

Error Detection/Correction

MagicRAM SSD utilizes BCH ECC Algorithm which offers one of the most powerful ECC algorithms in the industry. This algorithm can correct up to 16 random bits per 512bytes area

Software Based Secure Erase/Purge

The software based secure erases support below standards:
• Air Force AFSSI 5020
• NSA Manual 130-2

Hardware Based Data Encryption

The optional feature has implemented a built-in hardware based 128-bit AES encryption engine that performs on-the-fly data encryption, which provides enhanced data security for users, and to prevent the information stored on the flash memory from any unauthorized access.

Support Windows 7 TRIM Command

One of the key features of Windows 7 is its support of the TRIM command, one type of passive garbage collection techniques. Without TRIM or other active garbage collection, when the operating system (OS) tells the SSD to delete a file, the file is not actually “deleted” from the SSD; it is merely marked as “deleted” by the OS. If you want to write a new file onto the “deleted” file block(s), the SSD first needs to erase (or flush) the block(s) that has the “deleted” file to empty the block(s). Only then can the SSD write the new file onto these flushed blocks, i.e., a two step process is required.

With either the TRIM or active garbage collection feature enabled, the garbage cleansing function works in the background to manage and erase/flush “deleted” blocks. Therefore, in the above case, the SSD can complete the writing in only one step. Thus, the TRIM function increases writing speed when the TRIM SSD needs to write a file onto “used” blocks.

In addition to increasing the sustainable writing speed of solid sate disk, TRIM can also increase their lifetime. To enjoy the benefits of TRIM, both your SSD and OS have to support the TRIM command.


MagicRAM Solid State Drive supports the S.M.A.R.T. feature (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). The S.M.A.R.T. feature set protects the user from unscheduled downtime by monitoring and storing critical drive performance and calibration parameters. No unscheduled down-time is drastically reducing the total cost of ownership.

Conformal Coating

This is an optional feature.

Conformal coating is to further enhance the reliability of the SSD by adding extra protection for the SSD in terms field performance or reliability degradation caused by moisture, dirt, mud and static discharge.

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  • Laptops and PCs
  • Netbooks and UMPC
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Video Surveillance
  • Digital Camera/Camcoders
  • Cellular Handset
  • MP3 / MP4 Player
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Handheld Devices
  • GPS
  • Mobile Entertainments
  • Personal Mobile Storage

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