Linear Flash PC Card

Linear Flash PC Card – Series 100

MagicRAM’s Series-100 Flash memory card family conforms to the PCMCIA / JEIDA international standard but with word (16 bit) operation only. Without the complicated control logic circuit and attribute memory design, it is the low-cost version of the MagicRAM’s Series 5 Flash memory card family.

With the flexible power supply design in this card family, user can choose single 5V Vcc or dual power supply (Vcc and Vpp). Choosing the dual power supply, user can also choose 5V or 12V as the Vpp supply voltage flexibly.

Like the Series 5 Flash memory card family consisting of multiple Intel’s 28F008S5 (or 28F016S5), this card family also maintains backwards-compatibility with the MagicRAM’s Series 2 Flash memory card family which consist of Intel’s 28F008SA Flash memory devices.

Key enhancements include : 1) smart voltage allows Vpp to be 5V or 12V, 12V option renders the faster block erase, program performance. 2) enhanced suspend capabilities. 3) in-system block locking. This series Flash memory cards contain 16, 32, 64 or 128 independent 64K-word blocks. Each block can be individually erasable.

To reduce the attribute memory cost overhead, the Card Information Structure (CIS) is stored in Block of the flash memory array. In embedded applications, the CIS may not be required by the system and the entire flash memory array can be used by the system.

  • PC Card Standard Type 1 form factor
  • Memory Capacity : 4~16 MB
  • Single power : 5V Vcc or dual power : 5V Vcc , 5/12V Vpp
  • Read voltage : 5V , program/erase voltage : 5V or 12V
  • Fast read access time : 200ns (maximum)
  • Low cost word (x16) only data bus
  • Fast word random program : 6us (typ.) @ Vpp = 12V
    8us (typ.) @ Vpp = 5V
  • 64K words per block structure
  • Fast block erase time : 1 sec (typical) @ Vpp = 12V
    1.1 sec (typical) @ Vpp = 5V
  • Automatic erase/write
    - command user interface
    - status register
  • Enhanced automated suspend capability
    - program suspend to read
    - block erase suspend to program
    - block erase suspend to read
  • Enhanced data protection feature
    - flexible block locking
  • 100,000 program/erase cycles per block
  • Built-in write protect switch

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Description Linear Flash PC Card Series 100
Storage Capacity 4MB - 16MB
Operating Voltage Read voltage: 5V, Write/erase voltage: 5V or 12V
Read performance 200ns Maximum Access Time
Write/Erase cycles 100,000 per block
Environmental Condition Operating Temperature: 0C to +60C
Storage Temperature: -10C to +70C
Shock: 50-G
Vibration: 20-G
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%
Dimension 85.6mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 3.3mm(H)

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