Linear Flash PC Card

Linear Flash PC Card – Series 5

MagicRAM’s Series 5 Linear Flash memory conform to the PCMCIA / JEIDA international standard and consist of multiple Intel’s 28F008S5 (or 28F016S5) or compatible Flash memory devices and decoder IC mounted on a very thin printed circuit board using surface mounting technology.

The Series 5 Flash memory card family maintains backwards-compatibility with the MagicRAM’s Series 2 Flash memory card family which consist of Intel’s 28F008SA Flash memory devices.

Key enhancements include : 1) smart voltage allows Vpp to be 5V or 12V, 12V option renders the faster block erase, program performance. 2) enhanced suspend capabilities. 3) in-system block locking. This series Flash memory cards contain 32 to 512 independent device blocks. Each block can be individually erasable.

To support PCMCIA-compatible byte-wide operation , the flash array is divided into 128K bytes per block.
To support PCMCIA-compatible word-wide operation , the devices are paired so that each accessible memory block is 64K words.

This series Flash memory cards offer portable , reprogrammable and nonvolatile solid-state storage media and can be used for flexible integration into various system platforms with PCMCIA/JEIDA interface.

With the extra and optional 8K bytes “attribute memory” space , the Card Information Structure (CIS) can be written into it by MagicRAM or by customer with standard format or customized requirements.

  • PC Card Standard Type 1 form factor
  • Memory Capacity : 2~16 Mega bytes
  • Read voltage : 5V , program/erase voltage : 5V or 12V
  • Fast read access time : 200ns (maximum)
  • Byte(x8) / word(x16) data bus selectable
  • Fast byte or word random program : 6us (typ.) @ Vpp = 12V
    8us (typ.) @ Vpp = 5V
  • 128K bytes or 64K words per block structure
  • Fast block erase time : 1 sec (typical) @ Vpp = 12V
    1.1 sec (typical) @ Vpp = 5V
  • Automatic erase/write
    - command user interface
    - status register
  • Enhanced automated suspend capability
    - program suspend to read
    - block erase suspend to program
    - block erase suspend to read
  • Enhanced data protection feature
    - flexible block locking
  • 100,000 program/erase cycles per block
  • Built-in write protect switch
  • Optional attribute memory : 8K byte E2PROM

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Description Linear Flash PC Card Series 5
Storage Capacity 2MB - 32MB
Operating Voltage Read voltage: 5V, Write/erase voltage: 5V or 12V
Read performance 200ns Maximum Access Time
Write/Erase cycles 100,000 per block
Environmental Condition Operating Temperature: 0C to +60C
Storage Temperature: -10C to +70C
Shock: 50-G
Vibration: 20-G
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%
Dimension 85.6mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 3.3mm(H)

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