MagicRAM introduced 128GB SATA SSD and SATA MicroFlash Series

MagicRAM introduced the latest in SSD storage solution that include 128GB 2.5” SATA, 32GB 1.8” ZIF, 32GB Express Card 34 pin Solid State Disk (SSD) and SATA interface MicroFlash solutions. In addition to the capacity boost to 128GB for 2.5” SSDs, its’ transfer rate has also been improved to 100 MB/second for read and 60 MB/second for write. Coupled with MagicRAM stringent, accurate and thorough testing procedures, MagicRAM SSDs offer high performance and reliable industrial storage solutions.

MagicRAM Express Card SSD is compatible with notebook express card slots. With a transfer speed of 30MB/second, it offers shock and vibration proof advantage over traditional storage hard drive solutions. Another new offering is the 32GB 1.8” ZIF SSD, it is a up and coming interface offering a smaller connector footprint and does not require extra power connector.

With SATA interface a standard on all motherboards, SATA interface SSD & MicroFlash products are the choice for superior transfer rate and reliability.

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