MagicRAM introduces eSSD product line

MagicRAM, a leading provider of industrial & commercial grade flash products, introduces eSSD product line. eSSD is a small single-chip Solid State Drive that allows for easy integration of embedded storage into industrial and commercial devices and applications.

MagicRAM eSSD offers a fully integrated SATA or PATA interface in a single BGA package in capacities up to 64GB using MLC memory. MagicRAM eSSD combines advanced NAND flash with SSD controller and flash management technology, providing a highly reliable, high performance on-board mass storage device.

MagicRAM’s eSSD is non-volatile storage requiring no power to maintain the stored data and it functions at power supply voltage of 3.3V.

The eSSD supports hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) engine for maximum data security and features built-in hardware ECC (Error Correction Code) with maximum 40 bit BCH ECC per 1KByte and On-the-fly operation.

MagicRAM eSSD’s low power consumption as well as enhanced reliability and security combined with high performance make it ideal embedded storage solution for industrial PCs, tablets, navigation devices, point-of-sale terminals, medical devices, test instruments, and other specialty devices.

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