MagicRAM Introduces SSD Product Line Built With Pseudo SLC (pSLC) Technology

Los Angeles, CA (March 06, 2015) – MagicRAM introduces SSD product line built with Pseudo SLC (pSLC) technology. The Pseudo SLC cards are available in extended temperature from -25ºC to +85ºC and in industrial temperature from -40ºc to +85ºC.

The pSLC can be considered as an extended version of the MLC. While MLC contains both fast and slow pages, pSLC only applies fast pages for programming. Since only fast pages are programmed, pSLC provides better performance, endurance and reliability as high as 10 times of MLC. Moreover, pSLC performs similarly to the SLC, yet it is more cost effective. It also supports the SMART tool, which is a Card Life Time Monitoring Tool. It provides information about data such as the Remaining Life Ratio, Abnormal Power on Count and Erase Count, Total Power Up Count, and much more.

MagicRAM pSLC SSD product line is available in M.2 (2GB-128GB), 2.5″ SATA (8GB-512GB), 1.8″ SATA (8GB-256GB), Half Slim SATA (2GB-128GB), mSATA (2GB-128GB), mSATA mini (2GB-32GB), CFast (2GB-64GB) and CF (2GB-64GB) interface.

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