MagicRAM mini SATA MicroFlash ensures solid signal by two sides clamper

MagicRAM, a leading provider in industrial & commercial grade flash products, released mini SATA MicroFlash built with highly reliable SLC NAND Flash. It offers a longer lifespan and good data integrity with the 15bits/512 ECC capability.

MagicRAM mini SATA MicroFlash is ideal for use as system boot-up device or data storage. It features standard SATA 7-pin connector allowing it to connect to host computer platform directly.

MagicRAM mini SATA MicroFlash is designed with a clamper beside the 7-pin SATA connector in order to grab host SATA socket when it is plugged into. This feature can offer a good SATA signals connection when device is working under extreme shock & vibration environment.

Designed with oriented packaged, left and right, MagicRAM mini SATA MicroFlash can apply to different host platform for assembly. Its compact size fit well for small system installation and the oriented design makes it to be able to apply to various SATA slots layout of platforms easily.

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