MagicRAM now offers hardware triggered Secure Erase & WP Switch for SSD

MagicRAM, a leading provider of industrial grade flash products, has added two new features to their Industrial Grade SSD products. In addition to fast read/write speed, extended operating temperature of -40C to +85C and active power down protection, MagicRAM Industrial Grade SSD now incorporates a hardware triggered secure erase feature and Write Protect Switch.

The hardware triggered secure erase function allows for a complete hardware reprogram of the entire drive, ensuring all data including file system information and file data is completely erased.

MagicRAM\’s secure erase function also completely erases the spare/reserve pool, ensures that all block data (even blocks not referenced in the flash link table) are erased. This is controlled via jumper setting which can be triggered using a direct connection to the pins in question. This same jumper setting also allows for a write protection feature to be hardware triggered.

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