MagicRAM offers AES Data Encryption 1.8 inch micro SATA

MagicRAM is proud to announce the release of Secured 1.8” micro SATA enhanced by TDK’s GBDriver HS1 SSD controller. The 1.8” micro

SATA is a high performance (max read speed at 100MB/sec) solid state drive (SSD) that is suitable for use in notebooks, ultra-thin mobile PCs, tablet PCs and many other mobile devices!

MagicRAM 1.8” micro SATA make use of SLC flash modules where when compared to MLC flash modules, its’ number of read and write counts are almost ten times as much. With the use of TDK proprietary flash management method, “Kotobuki”, this SSD sustains 5years’ 24hr running environment in the PC environment (depends on host system). The “Kotobuki” calculation method refines the way PC access SSD by the improved NAND flash block management system, it effectively increases flash module lifespan.

In addition to prorietary technology mentioned above, AES 128-bit encryption is also implemented into MagicRAM 1.8” micro SATA for extra security. This is an industry first, using AES 128-bit and several security functions on SSD technology to store encrypted data to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing (direct read or recovery methods) sensitive data.

Minimum power consumption is the key to maximum battery time. When the system ceases sending instructions, MagicRAM 1.8” mirco SATA will enter ultra low power consumption mode to maximum battery time. This is especially suited for modern day digital mobile devices!

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