MagicRAM Unveils Industrial Grade CF with WP Switch

MagicRAM, the leading provider of industrial grade Flash data storage has launched Industrial Grade CF with Write Protect Switch. The secured industrial grade CF is the most reliable and high performance storage which is compatible with CF Type I and Type II devices.

Unlike the ordinary consumer CompactFlash which are built with MLC Flash components, MagicRAM industrial Grade CF are built with highly reliable SLC Flash components. The mechanical Write Protect Switch provides a useful measure of data protection from inadvertently over-writing stored information.

The CF cards support PIO mode 6, Multi-word DMA mode 4 and ultra DMA mode 4 with high speed data transfer rate of 40MB/sec read and 20MB/sec write in dual channel mode. Capacities are available up to 16GB in standard (0°C~+70°C) and extended temperature (-40°C~+85°C).

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