MagicRAM unveils Industrial Grade CFast card

Los Angeles, CA January 18, 2010-MagicRAM, a leading provider in industrial grade flash products, launches Platinum series Industrial CFast Card featuring fast read & write speed with extensive temperature and shock resistance even for the most severe environment.

MagicRAM Industrial CFast Card compliant to the CFast Specification 1.0 issued by CompactFlash Association (CFA). Measuring only 36mmx43mm, MagicRAM CFast storage cards is the smallest SSD in the world with a 7+17 pin connector that consists of a SATA compatible 7 pin signal connector and a 17 pin power and control connector.

Integrating the CompactFlash card form factor and Serial ATA (SATA I & II) interface, the transfer speed is much higher than traditional CF Card while it keeps small form factor and rigid case as CF Card. The sequential read speed is up to 110MB/sec and sequential write speed is up to 96MB/sec for Single Level Cell (SLC) solution. The radical performance can widely meet customers’ requirements, especially in embedded and industrial applications.

MagicRAM also provides Industrial 1.8″ SATA II to CFast card Adapter to increase the application flexibility. By using the adaper, CFast card can be high speed booting SSD to varieties of IPC motherboards and PC structure system.

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