Military Grade Flash Drives

MagicRAM Titanium Series Military Grade flash hard drives are the next generation in solid state drive technology, built with a high reliability manufacturing process, and strict quality control system. The Titanium series is designed with high reliability rugged applications in mind and is geared for applications that require high reliability, high robustness and high ruggedness.

MagicRAM Titanium series flash hard drives are Military-Class High Reliability Storage Device that target military, defense, aerospace, medical, and other mission critical applications.

The Titanium series solid state hard drive is made with high reliability SLC NAND Flash. By leveraging flash management technologies, MagicRAM Titanium series significantly increase the reliability and life time, and continue to provide unprecedented vibration, shock, and drop resistance and tolerance.

Its key features include Hardware based 128-bit AES data encryption, Fast & Secure Erase. SMART (Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology) and TRIM command.

MagicRAM Titanium series Military Grade flash hard drives support industrial operating temperature of -40~+85°C or wider and are available in the following categories: