Linear Flash PC Card

StrataFlash PC Card

MagicRAM’s StrataFlash memory cards offer high density linear Flash memory for code and data storage, high performance disk emulation, mobile PC and embedded applications.

This series is based on Intel’s Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash memory technology, providing high density Flash components at a significantly lower cost per megabyte. MLC technology allows for two bits of information to be stored in a singlecell. This leads to reduced die size and reduced cost per megabyte.

MagicRAM’s StrataFlash memory cards are built with Intel’s 128Mb memory component, 28F128J3A, with a manufacturer/device ID of 89/18H.

The StrataFlash cards conform to the PC Card 95 Standard supported by PCMCIA and JEIDA, providing electrical and physical compatibility. The PC Card form factor offers an industry standard pinout and mechanical outline, allowing density upgrades without system design changes.

MagicRAM’s standard cards are shipped with MagicRAM’s Flash Logo. Cards are also available with blank housings (no Logo). The blankhousings are available in both, a recessed (for label) or flat housing.

  • Low cost, high density Linear Flash
  • 3V/5V operating voltage
  • Based on Intel 28F128J3A Flash Components
  • Type I form factor
  • x8 / x16 data interface
  • Fast read performance - 250ns (Max)
  • 100,000 write/erase cycles per block
  • Built-in write protect switch

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Description StrataFlash PC Card
Storage Capacity 32MB
Operating Voltage 3.3V or 5V +/-10%
Read performance 250ns Maximum Access Time
Write/Erase cycles 100,000 per block
Environmental Condition Operating Temperature: 0C to +60C
Storage Temperature: -10C to +70C
Shock: 50-G
Vibration: 20-G
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%
Dimension 85.6mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 3.3mm(H)

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